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Preventive Healthcare for Pets

At Queensville Veterinary Clinic, we believe that just like humans, pets require vaccines to stay healthy. We recommend vaccines for both dogs and cats. The protocol we would use for your pet depends on its lifestyle. For instance, if your dog goes outside regularly or if your cat goes to boarding facilities, it would require more vaccines than if they did not. Some vaccines have a yearly booster recommendation, while others have 3-year duration of immunity. Contact us now for more details.

Ticks and Other Preventable Diseases

Ticks can cause deadly and serious diseases like Lyme disease. Ticks can become active when the temperature reaches 4 degree Celsius. Ticks aren’t just a nuisance; they are becoming more prevalent in areas where pets and people did not encounter ticks previously. Bring your pet to our clinic if it has a fever, joint pain, weakness, or loss of appetite. Ask us for details on preventive measures.


Heartworms may wreak havoc on your cat or dog. These mosquitos transmitted parasites can severely damage the heart and lungs and with early infection symptoms may not be detected. Heartworm disease is preventable and may be screen for with a simple blood test. Book your pet today for a blood parasite testing and to discuss safe and effective preventive treatment options. Regular screening of your pet feces is suggested to prevent zoonotic infections of your pet family members.

Have You Lost Your Pet?

If you have lost your pet, you can contact Georgina and East Gwillimbury. If your pet has a microchip you can also contact Eidap for registration/reporting of lost status. The rabies tag that you got from us also mentions a website to register and find your pet.

Quality Pet Foods

Queensville Veterinary Clinic stocks a wide range of diets from Hills pet foods, for your pet’s healthy life. We also have various other products from different brands such as Royal Canin and Purina veterinary diets.

Prevent Heartworm Disease Easily

Mosquitos are the carriers of an infective stage of heartworm microfilaria. We have a wide range of products available for the prevention of heartworm disease. Here at Queensville Veterinary Clinic, we strive to keep it simple. The products we have in stock are:

  • Heartgard Plus

  • Advantage Multi

  • Nexgard Spectra

Heartgard Plus prevents heartworm disease. Advantage Multi also prevents heartworm disease, as well as kills fleas and some mites, and Nexgard prevents Lyme disease by killing ticks and fleas.

To find out more about the prevalence of diseases in your area or the area you are travelling to, go to for more information.

Tick Control Medications and More

When the tick control medications are used appropriately, they can significantly reduce the risk for pets contracting tick-borne diseases, including Lyme. Dosage formats include topical (on the skin) and oral (by mouth) with, Advantix and Nexgard, examples of each respectively. For dogs with a history of food allergy or gastrointestinal sensitivity, topical medication may be more appropriate.


Lyme disease vaccine is available for dogs in our clinic and does provide an additional measure of protection for pets with the highest risk of tick exposure i.e. hunting or field trial and farm dogs. Signs of Lyme disease can vary but often include stiffness or lameness accompanied by swelling in one or more joints, fever, and loss of appetite. Rare cases of kidney failure have also been linked to Lyme infection.


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